Kennected Leads Sales Enablement Lead Generation Category

Indianapolis, Indiana-based Sales enablement solutions provider Kennected is redefining how enterprise sales organizations deal with data.

Sales enablement is the process of providing resources, content, and customer data-driven insights to sales reps to encourage a more streamlined and effective sales strategy. A sales enablement tool can do many things for one’s business beyond simply helping out sales managers.”
– Stephen Twomey, Chief Marketing Officer, and co-founder, Kennected.

Kennected’s flagship product, Cloud Kennect, sits on top of LinkedIn to help automate prospecting and outreach and fits the sales enablement bill to perfection.

It empowers sales reps to strengthen customer interactions and use sales tools. Cloud Kennect does the mundane prospecting and list building for you. This allows users to focus on building an omnichannel marketing campaign, with the data that Cloud Kennect allows users to extract. A case in point is Cloud Kennect allows users to pull email and phone numbers for users that accept your request to connect on LinkedIn when done through the software. SMS, email marketing and more can be done via the data one can get through Cloud Kennect.”
– Stephen Twomey, Chief Marketing Officer, and co-founder, Kennected.

Sales enablement solutions should work to achieve a company’s ultimate goal, which is to help the sales teams to sell better and generate more revenue.