Missouri Startup LeadPost Launches New B2B Lead Generation Tool

St. Louis startup LeadPost is launching a new software offering. LeadPost designed LeadPost for Business to help B2B companies increase revenue. Like its B2C predecessor, the software will identify and retarget anonymous website visitors.

The company’s first website visitor identification software solution caters to eCommerce businesses. Now, it’s offering B2B companies a similar solution designed to meet their needs.

LeadPost co-founders Eric Castelli and Tim Kastner began discussing the idea in 2021. Castelli said work on the new tool began after repeated requests from customers.

Our clients were seeing huge returns with our B2C product. And many of them started to ask about B2B data, We looked at the competition and saw an opportunity to improve on the available tools.”
-Eric Castelli, LeadPost co-founders.

That improvement comes in the form of data enhancements. These enhancements make it easier to identify and contact site visitors.

Tools such as LeadFeeder and LeadForensics, only provide their users with company names. Their software identifies the companies whose employees are visiting their users’ websites.

But Kastner says that approach leaves users struggling to determine who to contact.

LeadPost makes it easy by identifying the actual employee. It also shares contact information for the anonymous visitors it identifies.

Marketers and salespeople were getting tired of playing guessing games, So we developed this product to solve that problem.”
– Tim Kastner, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, LeadPost.