Personalizing Your ABM Content Effectively

ABM is the hottest trend in B2B marketing right now due to its amazing results. Instead of trying a one-way-fits-all approach, marketers are tailoring their experiences from the accounts they are trying to get business from, creating a higher chance of sale every time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come without drawbacks. Often, creating content for an ABM campaign can appear challenging or intimidating, since creating new content for every single account in a large-scale marketing operation is often not possible. However, have you considered what really needs personalizing? ABM doesn’t mean writing sixty different versions of the same article for different accounts. So how do you actually create effective ABM content? read more……


Integrate and 6Sense announce ABM partnership

Demand Accelerator Integration and revenue process platform 6Sense announced a new partnership to drive B2B marketers’ ABM strategies. The partnership

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B2B buyers are different from B2C consumers. The former make informed decisions using available information. Therefore, B2B marketers organize white

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The intent data situation in 2023 and beyond

Like salt and pepper in cuisine, the purpose has become a crucial component in B2B sales and marketing. You firmly

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