There’s only one process that matters – the B2B buyer’s process

By now, marketers everywhere have gotten the message: Your buyer needs to be at the center of everything you do. But, while the message is loud, it’s often anything but clear. When we advocate creating experiences that are connected, aligned, and personalized to a buyer’s needs and preferences, what are we really championing? Because it’s all about connections At Integrate, we believe connections are the foundation of good marketing. When you can build relationships centered around your customers’ needs, you’ve done your job. However, when you can build trust within those relationships, that “good” marketing becomes great. read more…..


7 Steps to International Growth For B2B ECommerce Brands

Global B2B eCommerce is flourishing despite supply chain disruption, geopolitical upheaval, and economic hardships. According to a recent poll, cross-border

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If the epidemic affected anything about consumer behavior, it was their shopping habits. They are not only placing more orders

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Every company has a distinct brand identity, target market, and set of goods or services. However, each one of them

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Are Your Marketing and PR Strategies Hurting Your Brand, B2B Tech Companies?

Getting noticed as a B2B firm in today’s oversaturated content market is challenging, particularly if you’re a technology company looking

5 Ideas to Advance a Stalled Account-Based Initiative

Is your account-based strategy suffering? Might be time for a thorough inspection. With all eyes on performance right now, what

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B2B Sales Cycle

If you’re not converting the leads you need, it could be a problem with your sales cycle. Every business needs