Ignitiv and Kibo Partner Again To Successfully Implement B2B Commerce Solution at Fortis Life Sciences

Ignitiv, a leading eCommerce agency, and Kibo, the leader in unified commerce, are pleased to announce the successful implementation of Fortis Life Sciences’ commerce solution.

Fortis Life Sciences offers customers in the research, diagnostics, and therapeutics markets world-class reagents, tools, and materials, globally.

Fortis’ business strategy is to provide its customers with the best-in-class experience and quality products. A dedicated effort to realize this core vision required Fortis to identify and implement the best commerce solution available to enable their customers a real-time search and find product discovery. The goal was to streamline the customer’s buying process by allowing purchase ordering handling and easy customer registration, seamlessly integrating into their current enterprise systems.

“With our new Kibo Commerce solution, implemented with Ignitiv’s partnership, we have been able to rapidly deliver a customer-friendly ecommerce experience in support of our company’s mission and vision. I thank Ignitiv and Kibo for helping us implement this scalable solution quickly.”
– Andy Wolf, Chief Technology Officer, Fortis Life Sciences.


“We greatly enjoyed working with Ignitiv to implement our modern, unified eCommerce solution at Fortis Life Sciences, The Kibo solution will help Fortis Life Sciences maintain the customer orientation and agility it values while building scale and capacity for future customers.”
– Ava Aprin, Head of Global Partnerships, Kibo.


“With this solution, Fortis now provides its customers with a frictionless buying experience and exceptional service and support across channels. We are delighted to partner with Kibo and Fortis Life Sciences to implement a state-of-the-art solution that brings significant value.”
– Rajib Das, the CEO, of Ignitiv.

About Fortis Life Sciences

Fortis Life Sciences is a strategic platform company founded in 2020, with the mission of offering world-class products coupled with a best-in-class customer experience. Over the two years, the company has built a portfolio of high-quality products and brands serving attractive end markets including diagnostic, therapeutic, and research discovery.