HG Insights Launches Platform 2.0 – With Improved Features To Help Global Companies Optimize Their Go-to-Market Motions

HG Insights®, the global leader in market intelligence for technology vendors, has updated its flagship Platform. Platform 2.0 better delivers the actionable insights business leaders need to understand their markets in-depth, make decisions, and Go-To-Market (GTM) with precision and confidence. According to recent McKinsey & Company research, companies using data-driven B2B sales-growth engines report above-market growth and EBITDA increases between 15 to 25 percent.1 Even so, many organizations have trouble deriving meaning from the insights they generate in order to make an impact at scale.2 Regardless of the organization’s data maturity, HG Insights Platform 2.0 leverages data and analytics to identify opportunities and enable fact-based trade-off decisions about strategy and investments. HG Insights helps teams develop a data-driven approach to decision-making by improving data insights that impact sales and marketing teams GTM motions. Key new features of the HG Insights Platform 2.0 solution include:
  • Architectural Refresh, from the ground up, enables us to scale up the amount of data we can serve, deliver new insights to our customers swiftly, and serves as the foundation for a new API and native Salesforce integration to be released in Q4 2022. This transformational improvement will benefit our customers by providing even more value, at a faster pace
  • Improved Account Scoring experience improves the ability to prioritize accounts and target opportunities in the market
  • Contextual IntentTM, a new add-on feature, combines the power of technology install and buyer intent information to create a new scoring and filtering experience for laser-focused company targeting
  • Install Data enhancements improve company hierarchy mapping, granularity of data down to the company entity, and new trending features that capture intensity trending over time
  • Saved Search Lists updates provide the ability to save and upload company search lists for ease of use and an enhanced user experience
  • Improved Company Matching experience, with advanced logic, pairs the entities from your list with the HG
  • Database more effectively than ever before. More matches allow for more data enrichment to supercharge your Go-To-Market strategy
  • Improved Usability Enhancements, working directly with customers through feedback and BETA programs, we have implemented enhancements to support an improved user experience to make accessing insights more intuitive than ever
  • Self-serve Custom Reports delivered via improved automation within Platform 2.0
“The HG Insights Platform goes beyond simple high-level market reports to provide business leaders with actionable insights to make successful Go-To-Market decisions. “Customers are already using HG Insights to allocate resources more effectively, prioritize the right product initiatives, and give their sales and marketing teams the account details they need to pursue the best opportunities—and now we are building on these capabilities with Platform 2.0. I am excited at the speed of innovation the new platform launch unlocks as HG Insights maintains itself as the market leader of technology intelligence.”

Robert Fox, CTO of HG Insights

“These improvements give a more dynamic experience to our technology install data, and can answer a broader variety of questions about product usage. “Data coverage and precision have improved—you are now able to profile installs at a global, country, and city/state level. Intensity Trending and Momentum delivers an improved understanding of technology usage.”

Darcy Moss, Director of Product Marketing

Self-serviceable Intent insights A key feature of Platform 2.0 is access to self-serviceable intent insights. Customers can identify accounts with the highest propensity to buy at the correct time, based on current in-market signals by:
  • Targeting accounts that match an Ideal Customer Profile and are engaging with the Intent topics that matter most to the customer
  • Utilize improved account scoring to rank accounts based on the intent signal strength and with fit filtering
HG Insights Platform 2.0 is available globally to customers, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision-makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency. Learn more about the HG Insights Platform here. Follow HG Insights on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

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