Dover Releases “Candidate Management” Decreasing Talent Withdrawal in Hiring By 40%

Dover, a leader in startup hiring technology, announced the launch of their new candidate management product that automates scheduling and follow-ups, and conducts first-round phone screens, saving teams 20 to 30 hours per hire. The new product has two key components. The first is end-to-end scheduling, which automates schedule coordination, and follow-up and rejection emails to candidates with customizable templates. The second is Dover Interviewer, which leverages an expert team of interviewers to handle first round phone screens, saving customers an average of 60 to 80 hours of screening per hire. Early adopters of Candidate Management have seen incredible success, including a 40% decrease in candidate dropoff. As a result, they’re able to evaluate more than double the candidates in the final stages, ensuring they’re making an offer to the perfect fit. Not prioritizing candidate experience is a costly and far-reaching mistake: 63% of job seekers will reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience, and 27% would “actively discourage” others from applying with that company. Over time, this means it gets harder to attract candidates, especially when hiring for similar roles. The challenges of remote work environments have only compounded the problem of providing a good experience, but those that nail it are seeing longterm results: companies that optimized their process were 3x likelier to improve first year retention than those who did not. Ritik Malhotra, CEO of Savvy Wealth, states that for his team, candidate management has allowed him to dramatically scale their recruiting efforts, “allowing us to hire excellent people without having to have a large in-house recruiting team.” With this launch, Dover continues to optimize the candidate experience, improve employer brand and reputation, and reduce candidate dropoff.

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