The State of Human Experience in the Workplace

This virtual event will focus on the interconnected topics of employee and human experience. Improving human experience (HX) goes beyond both customer and employee experience to create a positive experience and employer brand in the eyes of any person or stakeholder. This event will include presentations on a range of issues related to human interactions, specifically the experiences of employees and other stakeholders in today’s work environment. February 15-16, 2023 Read More

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RevGen Digital Summit: Performance at scale to drive revenue

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HR Healthcare 2022

WBR’s HR Healthcare is a forum for 200 healthcare HR innovators to share, network, and learn. Sessions are focused on


68th Annual Human Resources Management Conference

Hosted by The University of Alabama, the Human Resources Management Conference is designed to develop the full range of skills


68th Annual Employee Benefits Conference

Rock on with your fellow attendees as we kick off the 68th Annual Employee Benefits Conference in style. You’ll hear

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