New Data from RollWorks Shows Stronger Brand Awareness, Increasing Customer Acquisition, and Driving Revenue Growth are Top Measures of Success for B2B Marketers

However, just 10% of B2B marketers have the resources they need to be successful in 2023, despite the optimism that 90% of poll respondents expressed for that year.

According to new study released today by NextRoll’s account-based marketing platform RollWorks, B2B marketers are optimistic about the year 2023 and are doubling down on certain customer acquisition techniques.

More than 1,000 B2B marketers participated in the survey, and the results confirm that they continue to work with small marketing teams and tight operating budgets. Budgets for 2023 are less than $9 million, according to more than half (52%) of respondents, with 36% stating that they are less than $1 million. Additionally, according to marketers, having more money (39%) ranks higher on their wish list for 2023 than hiring more people (29%). Only 10% of marketers claim to already have the tools necessary for success the following year.

90% of marketers say they are enthusiastic about the upcoming year despite budget constraints, ranging from mildly so to highly so. Customer retention is one cause for excitement. In comparison to last year, 52% of respondents claim to be keeping more clients, while 38% claim to be keeping the same number of consumers.

“These new findings certainly indicate hope and buoyancy in the year ahead, even in the midst of a contracting economy with restricted resources”, “Organizations are increasingly prioritizing customer acquisition over growing their pipeline, and they’re turning to marketing to generate these strategies to impact revenue. High-value channels like content, partner, and email marketing are proving to be effective drivers of ROI for successful marketing programs.”

Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks

When asked to rank their top 3 metrics for demonstrating marketing success, 63% of respondents cited increased brand recognition, compared to only 8% who cited reduced customer churn. Additionally, respondents are 150% more likely to prioritise growing the customer base over expanding the pipeline as a crucial metric of success.

The results of the RollWorks survey revealed a direct link between ROI and overall programme success. 55% of marketers and 42% of marketers reported that their 2022 marketing activities and programmes were moderately successful. Additionally, 45% of respondents indicated they were able to clearly explain the return on investment of their marketing initiatives in terms of revenue this year. 19% stated they always could, while 28% said they occasionally could. Furthermore, an impressive 74% of respondents claim that over the past year, their marketing strategy has become more individualised and targeted.

“Distilling these findings, we love seeing how marketers articulate the ROI of their programs, and RollWorks is also seeing an increase in personalized and targeted marketing as well. It pays to be personal.”

Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks

Marketing professionals anticipate that content (16%), email (14%), and partner (13%) marketing will be among the endeavours with the greatest potential for growth in 2023. Paid social represents the greatest investment opportunity for marketers in 2023 (23%), despite driving a lower ROI than other channels.